About Wochi Kochi

Wochi Kochi is an online magazine run by the Japan Foundation, cultivating friendship and ties between Japan and the world through culture.

Wochi Kochi was established in 2010 to publish information about international cultural exchange. It is the successor to the paper-based magazines International Exchanges (1974-2004) and Wochi Kochi (Far and Near) (2004-2009), publications by the Japan Foundation that were the only magazines in Japan dedicated to the topic of international cultural exchange.

“Wochi kochi” is an ancient Japanese expression denoting “far and near” in terms of location or time, and used to mean “here and there” or “the present and the future.” It was chosen as the name of Wochi Kochi magazine to express the desire to share the Japanese language and culture with the people of the world, deepen mutual understanding with other countries, and serve as a cultural bridge that brings people together, both individually and on the national level.

The Wochi Kochi online magazine follows in the spirit of its printed predecessor, Wochi Kochi (Far and Near), bringing you articles on a special topic in each edition. It includes interviews with and articles contributed by professionals at the forefront of cultural exchange, and also has reports on cultural exchange programs by Japan Foundation staff located across the globe. Experiencing a variety of different cultures helps to broaden horizons and enrich lives. Continually sharing new discoveries, surprises, and joys, Wochi Kochi aims to bring you the latest on cultural exchange involving Japan throughout the world.

We welcome feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts and views. You can contact the Wochi Kochi web magazine at the Japan Foundation Public Relations Department at jf-toiawase@jpf.go.jp (Replace the non-standard ‘@’ with a standard ‘@’ character).

Use Wochi Kochi Search to search the online magazine and printed magazine archives

Using Wochi Kochi Search, you can freely search articles in the Wochi Kochi web magazine as well as all thirty-two issues of the Wochi Kochi (Far and Near) magazine by keyword, location, and author. Articles in the magazine Wochi Kochi (Far and Near) are also available in PDF form.

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