Wochikochi No. 27 NIPPON in the Eyes of Researchers in the World (2009 February)

Adjectives of Singapore

Tabaimo (P06)


New Tourist Attraction in Seoul

Taro Igarashi,Seoul (P07)


Japanese Graduate Students

Tessa Morris-Suzuki (P08)


Traveling through Japan, Visiting Jazz Café

Michael S. Molasky,America (P21-23)


Researching on Japanese and Asian Cities Hosting U.S. Military Bases

Sheila Smith,Okinawa,America (P38-39)


Visiting Shamans Changing in Modernization

Ioannis Gaitanidis (P40)


History of Japan Studies in Australia

Kent Anderson (P42-45)


"Crisis in Japan Studies" Induces Support Programs

Junichi Chano,America (P46-47)


Respect Each Other's Tune. That's the Soul of Jazz

Isao “Sankichi” Miyoshi,Manila (P66-67)


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