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Manga Artist Amashima Denki's Trip to India
Suzume in India

December 7, 2023
【Special Feature 079】

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In April 2023, director Shinkai Makoto's latest movie, Suzume, was released in India. Along with the release, he visited India with Amashima Denki, who is turning Suzume into a manga. Ms. Amashima drew a travelogue manga about their interactions with a number of fans and the enthusiastic atmosphere in the Indian theaters through the local premiere screenings, autograph sessions, and workshops they attended.
Please enjoy her comic, along with director Shinkai's message about his trip to India.


Message from Shinkai Makoto
The Indian audience are highly emotional. Since they are very direct and say, "We love Shinkai!" I also reply "I love you all!" which is something that I wouldn't say in Japan. It feels great.
"We are waiting for a new release."
"Yes, I will come again when the time comes."
I would like to continue making such promises with young fans.

Suzume in India

Amashima Denki

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In addition to India, director Shinkai Makoto visited nine countries including China, and Mexico. You can read the full interview on JFF+. Enjoy it, too.


Amashima DenkiManga artist. Won the Afternoon Shikisho 2017 Autumn Contest and the Afternoon Shikisho 2018 Winter Contest.
Debuted with Sensei Shikkari Shitekudasai, which was published in the January 2022 issue of good! Afternoon.
Has been working on a manga adaptation of Suzume since the December 2022 issue of Afternoon.

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