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The Japan Foundation, Cairo

topics_0901_03_01.jpg The Japan Foundation, Cairo has been working on translation of Japanese books into Arabic and publishing the translated books to promote understanding of Japan in the Middle East. People in the Middle East are eager to know the key to social and economic developments of Japan that were achieved in a short period after the World War II. To address such needs, we have been working on selecting and translating books for three years. Finally, in November 2008, we published two books: "Meiji-Revolutionaries" and "The Economic Development of Japan: The Path Travelled by Japan as a Developing Country."

"Meiji-Revolutionaries" is a book based on a series of TV programs broadcasted by NHK. It describes wisdom and ingenuity of people who accomplished modernization and social revolution in the Meiji era to let the readers consider what they should learn from the lessons of the Meiji era. "The Economic Development of Japan: The Path Travelled by Japan as a Developing Country" is a book based on lectures by Dr. Kenichi Ohno, Professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Dr. Ohno clearly describes the history of Japanese economic development from the end of the Edo era to the Heisei era from multiple perspectives.

On the occasion of releasing the Arabic edition of "The Economic Development of Japan," The Japan Foundation, Cairo held a lecture by Dr. Ohno on November 25 at Faculty of Economics & Political Studies, Cairo University. Dr. Ohno stated that the success of a country's economic development depends on whether the country's own infrastructure system can accommodate foreign system. To achieve success, Dr. Ohno pointed, competent policies are required and the cooperation between the government and the industry is mandatory. About 100 audiences consisting mainly of students listened to the lecture enthusiastically.

We hope that these two books can address the interest of people in the Middle East in the social and economic development of Japan and help them to deepen their understanding of Japan.

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