The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris:Celebrating Tenth Anniversary in 2007

The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris

topics_0707_03_01.jpg Commemorating its tenth anniversary, the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris (Maison de la culture du Japon a Paris) has been conducting a series of exciting programs in 2007. In mid-January the popular dance unit Condors gave performances of dance and comedy. The Yasujiro Ozu retrospective that was held in February and March drew 8,600 guests, and the screening of a silent film with music by the Kumonosu Quartet and narration saw a capacity audience. The Shiko Munakata exhibition featured 56 works by the woodblock print artist that were shown in France for the first time, while Akira Shigeyama and other kyogen actors gave a wordless performance of a play by Samuel Beckett.

A stream of major programs will follow, including jazz concerts by the Shibusashirazu Orchestra, a butoh performance by Dairakudakan, a retrospective film series looking back on the history of the Nikkatsu film studio, and noh performances by the International Noh Institute. A commemorative ceremony will also be held. Keep an eye out for future anniversary events.

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