The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles:Kimono Lecture and Demonstration

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles

topics_0804_02_01.jpg The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles invited Mr. Nobuaki Tomita, a kimono stylist active in the industry of film and television program, and a kimono dresser Ms. Kaoru Kumaki from Japan to hold Kimono Lecture and Demonstration "KIMONO: SEA OF SILK " total seven times from March 11 through March 17 in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Orange County. They visited five locations in seven days and attracted participants more than expected in each location.

Mr. Tomita brought about a dozen of gorgeous costumes including 12-layered ceremonial kimono in Heian Period and samurai's kamishimo in Edo Period used for Japanese movies and television programs and modern kimonos and obis for which landscapes in Hollywood, San Francisco and the Japan Alps are designed.

In each location, 7 to 8 local citizens were asked to come as models. Mr. Tomita selected kimono suited for each model and Ms. Kumaki dressed them up for the show. Then kimono show suitable for audience in each location was held.

We received messages of gratitude form high school students learning the Japanese language and models who wore kimono for the first time, saying the event became a good memory.

In the event; moreover, the process of kimono production was demonstrated to show how a roll of cloth is processed to be a kimono, winding a cloth around one of the participants.

After the lecture, pictures of models in kimono and participants were taken and the event was so entertaining and glamorous that it was covered by some media.

We hope many people living in the US will get familiar with Japanese culture through various events in the future, as in the past.

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