The Japan Cultural Institute in Rome:Activity Report of the Japan Cultural Institute in Rome

The Japan Cultural Institute in Rome

topics_0804_03_01.jpg A number of concerts are held every day in Rome at various places including traditional Rome Opera House, Auditorium designed by architect Renzo Piano with large, medium and small halls and nearly ten event spaces, small jazz clubs and churches.

Under such circumstances, the Japan Cultural Institute in Rome plans music concerts that people can listen only here, even if they are small in scale.
ESPLORAZIONI JAZZ (Exploring Jazz) by pianist Aki Kuroda, Alessandro Carbonare, first-chair clarinet player of Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome and others was performed last year. The audience in the packed hall was excited many times about music that they can probably not able to listen at any other place. NutRocker, a rock version of Nutcracker and a jazz version of Brahms' clarinet sonatas are the examples of that kind of music they played. In concert of Hidajimbo, a unit of Japanese drum and percussion, held at a space which is usually used for exhibition, more than 300 people were packed in especially prepared 150 seats. The concert was a great success with a lot of people and excitement. It reawaked the realization that Japan produces various kinds of music including traditional Japanese music and players in those genres and each one of them is at a high level.

topics_0804_03_02.jpg For spring and summer 2008, a concert of bamboo flute and samisen will be held on April 23. A concert of Tsuru to Kame + Akira Sakata, a unique combination of folk music unit (Tsugaru shamisen and drum) and saxophone, and a duo recital of Vadim Tchijik (violin) and Sayaka Funakoshi (pianoforte) will be also held. To conclude this season, Jazz from Japan 2008 by XUXU (pr. Shushu), a cappella group of four Japanese female singers is scheduled.

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