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Sakae Tajima
Japan Foundation Information Center (JFIC)

ar-about0902_1.pngOn Tuesday, February 3, 2009, the Presentation Ceremony of the Japan Foundation Prizes for Global Citizenship 2008 was held at the International House of Japan in Tokyo. The ceremony was graced by the attendance of Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado and received about 200 guests.

This prize was established in 1985 under the name of "The Japan Foundation Prizes for the Promotion of Community-Based Cultural Exchange" to award international cultural exchange activities on the initiative of citizens rooted in regions and communities that can be leading models. This year was its 24th anniversary. 70 individuals and organizations have been awarded so far, including one Special Prize.

Through acceptance speeches by the recipients, we could sense that strong spirit and belief were the driving forces for carrying on their activities for Artist in Residence, co-existence of multiple cultures, and exchange through music. (Acceptance speeches can be read by clicking the name of recipient.)

NPO S-AIR: Mr. Hisashi Shibata, Director
NPO Oizumi International Education and Skills Diffusion Center: Ms. Shoko Takano, Secretary General
SUKIYAKI Meets The World Committee: Mr. Masatoshi Hashimoto, Chairman

At the reception after the ceremony, there was a performance of African percussions by three musicians, including Wagane N'Diaye Rose from Senegal who participated SUKIYAKI Meets The World 2008. Guests at the hall sung and dance together to share the joy.


Although the area and focus of activity differ among three awarded organizations, all of them have been aiming at creating a better society. With this aim, international cultural exchange has been an indispensable factor. This ceremony was an opportunity to recognize that international cultural exchange has been taking on significance in broader areas and involving in our society and lives.

Once again, the Japan Foundation pays its respects to people who take the initiative in establishing and carrying on activities as well as those who support such activities. It would be our pleasure to support their activities by awarding the Japan Foundation Prizes for Global Citizenship.

Photographed by Keiji Shimizu

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