The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris:Activity report of the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris

The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris

In the second half of 2008, The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris (Maison de la Culture du Japon A Paris: MCJP) hosted various events as part of "the 150th anniversary of Franco-Japanese relations." From October 22 through the end of January 2009, the exhibition "WA: l'harmonie au quotidien - Design japonais d'aujourd'hui (The Spirit of Harmony and Japanese Design Today)" was held. Under the concept of "Wa," approximately 160 Japanese product designs, most of them were produced after 2000, were introduced. Day-to-day theme and the variety of exhibited products attracted a large attendance and media coverage, and resulted in favorable reviews.

In the fields of music and theatrical art, in addition to events that were informed in the previous activity report, the following impressive performances were presented: a flute concert with Shigenori Kudo and Clement Dufour; Ryukyu dance performance; a concert with Jorg Widmann and Toshio Hosokawa, co-hosted by The Festival d'Automne; and "J-Dance 08" by Kaiji Moriyama and Shiro Daimon. Of course, MCJP kept hosting other programs such as film screenings, demonstration and lectures on Japanese cuisine, and introductory events of Japanese culture, as it does every year. These projects enlivened the 150th anniversary of Franco-Japanese relations.

In the first half of 2009, MCJP will cherish the interests in Japanese culture from wide range of people in France that were fostered by projects described above. In April, MCJP will host the Japan Foundation traveling exhibition "The Spirit of Budo" to introduce Japanese martial arts. In relation to this exhibition, there will be film screenings, lectures, symposium, demonstration and workshop on the theme of Bujutsu (battlefield combat techniques) and Budo (physical exercise). Projects on Manga and Anime are also planned. MCJP's vision for 2009 is to promote the variety and fascinating factors of Japanese culture to wide range of people in France, as well as to provide a place for intellectual exchanges.

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