The Japan Foundation, Sydney:Film Festival Attracted 10,000 Viewers / The Second Facetnate! Opens

The Japan Foundation, Sydney

topics_0905_01_01.jpg Screening of "Departures": The 12th Japanese Film Festival Drew 10,000 viewers

The Japan Foundation, Sydney's annual Japanese Film Festival has been drawing attention from local audiences. In December 2008, the 12th Festival was held in Sydney and Melbourne for 13 days with 21 films in total. In addition to the Oscar-winning "Departures," the latest popular movies including "After School," "The Taste of Fish," "ALWAYS 2- Sunset on Third Street," "ICHI," and "Monster X Strikes Back" attracted over 10,000 viewers. The Japan Foundation, Sydney has already begun preparations for the next festival scheduled in December 2009. Don't miss the 13th Japanese Film Festival!
The Japanese Film Festival official website:

Grant Program for Emerging Artists: The Second "Facetnate!" Exhibition Opens

topics_0905_01_02.jpg The second Facetnate!, a grant program to support emerging local Australia-based visual artist/s whose work is strongly influenced by Japan, will open on May 14, 2009. This project was launched in 2008 to promote young talented artists who will contribute to cultural exchange between Japan and Australia. This year, solo exhibitions from each of the three finalists chosen from among over 30 applicants and one invited guest artist will be held as follows:

May: Pip & Pop "Under the Crystal Sky"
June: Andrea Innocent "Love, Thieves and Fear Make Ghosts"
July: Aedan Harris "New Friends, Art and Adventure: A Ceramic Art Exhibition"
August: Gemma Cuneo "Urban Ghosts"

Please visit the Japan Foundation Gallery to see how these emerging Australian artists will be inspired by encounters with Japanese culture.
For details, please visit our website:

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