The Japan Foundation, New Delhi:Origami Exhibition 2009 in Delhi

The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

topics_0912_01_01.jpg From October 29 to November 10, 2009, the Japan Foundation, New Delhi hosted the Origami Exhibition 2009 and workshops by Delhi Origami Club.

Delhi Origami Club is a group of people who are interested in origami, from beginners to experienced people regardless of their nationality, gathering together at the Japan Foundation, New Delhi once a week to enjoy origami. Today, the nationalities of members include India, Japan, and Korea. The Club always welcomes walk-in participants.

This exhibition was the second occasion for the club following the first one held last autumn. At the exhibition hall, the origami works of members were exhibited. Around the same time, Tagore International School in New Delhi organized an origami competition, and the works of the finalists were also exhibited. The club members also provided origami workshops for visitors.

This exhibition was covered by local newspapers, and many local school students visited the site as an extracurricular lesson. Workshops held on weekends attracted many local citizens; most of them came with their families. These workshops were enjoyed by people of all ages.

Actually, origami has been quite well known in Delhi, and there are many occasions for the local citizen to experience the world of origami. Many elementary and secondary schools and kindergartens have already had origami lessons. Some even call themselves Origamists. There are many possible reasons for the popularity of Origami in this city; one of these is probably a mathematical and philosophical way of thinking that is required to fold origami suits Indians very well.

Good news is that the meeting of Delhi Origami Club is expected to be held twice a week from now on, thanks to favorable responses that the exhibition and workshops have received and many inquiries from visitors. The Japan Foundation, New Delhi will keep supporting the opportunities for Delhi citizens to experience the magic of origami in the hope that people in India will feel closer to Japan.

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