01 Greetings from the Airport


I'm Sputniko! and I've taken the baton to begin a new series of essays.

I'm an artist and designer. My work explores the intersections of art, design, and science.
One of my most recent projects is Healing Fukushima (Nanohana Heels), a pair of high-heeled shoes that automatically sows rapeseed (nanohana) into the soil with each step. Before that, I made Crowbot Jenny, an instrument that replicates crow calls to establish communication with the real birds.

(Left) Healing Fukushima (Nanohana Heels), (Right) Crowbot Jenny

I like to create works which can challenge preconceptions and inspire new ways of thinking.

Let's take Healing Fukushima (Nanohana Heels) as an example.
apeseed is proved to absorb radioactive substances such as cesium and strontium, along with nutrients like potassium, from the soil.
In an ongoing research project, this rapeseed is planted in areas exposed to radioactive contamination from the Chernobyl disaster and the seeds are harvested to produce canola oil, a major source of biodiesel.
As we all know in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, radioactive contamination has become a serious issue in Fukushima.
Healing Fukushima (Nanohana Heels) was created to provoke deeper discussion and to encourage people to explore the use of land of Fukushima as a viable source of sustainable energy.

All my ideas are born of research, whether in the field of science or engineering, fashion design or art.
I network with friends from all over the world, and our discussions and interactions provide valuable hints for my work.

In the essays to follow, I plan to cover my dialogue with some of these creative geniuses.
As a matter of fact, I'm writing this at Narita Airport as I wait to take off on a two-week trip to Cuba and the United States.
Stay tuned for an account of my travels.

Talk to you later!

* Original text in Japanese, translated to English by the Japan Foundation

Crowbot Jenny, 2011
Producer/Art Director/Concept: Sputniko!
Music Lyrics: Sputniko!
Music Composition: Sputniko! and Daichi Hayakawa
Video Directed by: Takumi Shiga

Video Production: P.I.C.S
Music Arrangement: Shoichiro Hirata
Device Production: Masuki Jushi 

Device Electronics: Masahiro Tabuki, Masahiko Suda
Model Making: Louise Porter
Wing Graphic Design: Yusuke Murakami
Fashion Design: Aephie Huimi
Image Photography: Rai Royal
Image Photography Make Up: Hiroe Tomikawa

Healing Fukushima (Nanohana Heels), 2012
Photography: Takuya Shima
Shoe Design: Masaya Kushino
Shoe Making: Perlero
Model Making: KIMURA
Product Design: Naoki Kawamoto
Metalwork: Yuki Sumiya

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