The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris:Activity report of the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris

The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris

The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris, busy with preparing events and activities commemorating its tenth anniversary in 2007, is now committed to celebrations to mark the 150th anniversary of Franco-Japanese relations in 2008. From Seiki Kuroda to Tsuguharu Fujita: Japanese Painters in Paris (10/24/2007-1/26/2008), a milestone exhibit of Japanese oil painters held outside of Japan for the first time, closed successfully on January 26. It gained much attention from various quarters and in spite of the transportation strike and the closure of the nearest station, its total visitors reached as many as 13,477.

Hagoromo: The Legend of the Celestial Cape, a musical based on a folktale told across Japan that combines state-of-the-art computer graphics with theatrical art was performed from Thursday, January 24 through Saturday, January 26. This was a key stage of the special project called "Hagoromo" to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Franco-Japanese relations, started with hands-on activities such as art of folding paper, tea ceremony, Japanese cooking and introductory Japanese class for small kids in France in autumn 2007. The performance is to create a new culture by combining living actors and settings with CG animation projected on 360-inch screen on stage, and attracted wide range of French people.

(c) Clement-Olivier MEYLAN

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