The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris:Activity report of the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris

The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris

Performance during April - July 2008 were a mixture of ones jointly planned by Japan and France, contemporary performance and traditional arts, appropriate for the 150th anniversary of Franco-Japanese relations. Included were No Opera "Sumidagawa," contemporary drama Exchange by Yubiwa Hotel, Contemporary Dance "Sai - Four Seasons and a Cycle of Life," unique concert of Japanese Koto Player Mieko Miyazaki and a Corsian Vocal Group, concert of girls lap unit HALCALI on the Fête de la musique, and Kyogen Theatre by Shime and Ippei Shigeyama in early July.

A cinema screening, not carried out for a while, will be started on September 9. The screening will introduces a history of Shochiku, one of the greatest studios in Japan, showing 23 movies including silent and contemporary movies. The vagabond Tora-san movies are included in those movies. On September 12, a little novel "When Poesy Meets Kyogen" will be performed. A performance unit Chori/Doji, started in 2005, depicts a love story over a thousand years by recitation of poems and Kyogen. Then on September 18 and 19, Hirohisa Koyama, a celebrated chef, will be invited to demonstrate how to make bento, Japanese traditional cuisine. He will also lecture on the theme on September 20. And we are more than happy to host annual, familiar JAZZ IN JAPAN in three consecutive evenings during September 25 to 27. This year, Masaru Imada Quartet, SALLE GAVEAU led by Natsuki Kido, and Otomo Trio will be invited to perform. You can expect Maison de la culture du Japon a Paris to organize a barrage of various events after JAZZ.

Please be reminded that Maison de la culture du Japon a Paris is closed during August and even the office will be closed on the third week of August.

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