The Japan Foundation, Sydney:Facetnate! Exhibition wraps up!

The Japan Foundation, Sydney

topics_0809_01_01.jpg The Japan Foundation Sydney's exhibition series Facetnate! which began in April 2008 to showcase various works by five individual or group of young artists has concluded.

The project was set up to foster young artistic talent who will be a future bridge between Australia and Japan and sought applications from young artists who influenced by Japan in the field of visual arts in Australia. Five individual or group of artists selected from 30 applicants held monthly exhibition at Japan Foundation Gallery.

As planners of the project, we were also looking forward to the monthly exhibitions, observing the artists' preparation and wondering what kind of artwork they would display. The exhibition series is shown in the table below. The series was unique and diverse, including pop art using a toy called Gachapon, photos and films featuring life in Japan from the Australian's point of view, sculpted garden created from candy wrappers and waste materials, and installation of Japanese paper and thread precisely reflecting the impact of human gesture.

April William "BIL" AndersonJr.  "Totally Flat Consumer Camo"
May Peter Humble   "Flights into Foreign"
June Kevin Vo & Haline Ly  "NEOSYDNEY + NEOTOKYO"
July Ben Ernst "The Garden of Love"
August Ainslie Murray   "An Architecture of Thread and Gesture"

The very best artist selected from the participants by an outside judge will be awarded the Japan Foundation's New Artist Award. Round-trip plane ticket to Japan will be provided to the awardee as a supplementary prize so that he/she will see the Yokohama Triennale 2008, held from September 13 to November 30. The Japan Foundation's New Artist Award ceremony will be held on September 25 at Japanese-Consul General's residence in Sydney. Be sure to check our website for details of the first winner of the award! For details of Facetnate! series, please visit:

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