The Japan Foundation, New York:Symposium Report on "Japanese Art in America" and Its Ripple Effects

The Japan Foundation, New York

topics_0911_02_01.jpg Co-organized with the Japan Society and the Japan Foundation, an international symposium titled "Japanese Art in America: Building the Next Generation" was held on March 16th, 2009 in New York at the Japan Society.

A comprehensive report of the symposium was published in September. Highlights of a number of constructive ideas and proposals stemming from this conference and published in the report include:

■ Expand the network of public and private organizations and curators in both Japan and the US.

■ Build more trust between American museums and the Japanese government to clearly define and understand regulations on exhibitions of antique art.

■ Harness the general interest shown in pop culture by younger people and convert it into serious and focused academic enquiry.

■ Encourage a younger generation of potential collectors by emphasizing that anyone can become a collector so long as they have both an eye and enthusiasm for art.

These proposals were reviewed at the CULCON (US-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange) in Tokyo in June, followed up with serious examination by both Bunkacho (Japan's Cultural Agency) and Japan Foundation. This symposium demonstrates that conferences of this caliber have the potential to make lasting contributions for future improvement.

The report is available in PDF format from the website below.

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